Content Management Systems

If you are using HTML and CSS to develop a webpage, a powerful tool you'll want to consider using is a Content Management System (referred to as a CMS). The purpose of a CMS is to separate the content of your site from the design. What this means is that when you want to change your navbar, you don't have to change it on every single page. The CMS will separate that aspect of your design and separate it from the content of the site, so that you can change it in one place and each page on your site will draw the navbar information from that one place. The same is true for the colors, designs, styles, and layout of your site.

If you are serious about building a website, you want to be able to update it without a hassle. WSYWIG tools like WordPress and Weebly are already a CMS, allowing you to build a site quickly and update it quickly. If you are not planning on using one of those tools, you're going to want to investigate CMS tools that you can put your site into.

You can easily find themes designed specifically for Joomla to make setting up your site a breeze. There are also plenty of other paid CMS's.

  • Joomla is a free, open source CMS that has become very popular. You can easily find themes for free and purchase to make building your website a breeze.
  • Drupal is another open source and very popular CMS with as large a following as WordPress.
  • Magento is popular among ecommerce developers
  • pHpBB is extremely popular amongst online community developers.
  • vBulletin is a very popular bulletin board-based CMS.
  • DocuWiki is a popular Wiki CMS.

Whatever tools you choose, be sure that you create a system that is reasonable for you. Often, the biggest barriers to web design involve a fear of the time and skill required to develop a good website. Don't hold off assuming that your web portfolio has to be built from scratch to be worth anything. That simply is not the reality anymore. Get your website started now, and know that you can always go back and redesign it later. A good website adjusts to technology, design trends, and changing needs.

Last modified: Thursday, 16 April 2015, 4:58 AM