Collect and Publish

Creative Writing Final Project

Directions: For your final, you will create a portfolio of all of your work from this semester's creative writing class. It should only include final copies!

Include the following assignments:

  1. "Embellish an Ad” Story
  2. All Ten Poems
  3. Sci Fi or Fantasy Story
  4. Autobiography
  5. Historical Fiction
  6. Fairytale Remake
  7. Cookbook Project
  8. Comic Book

The Specs:

  • Include a cover page with a title and by-line
  • Include a table of contents
  • Include an old and new final copy of the piece you choose to revise/change.

Choose one piece from this semester to change. Revise the whole thing, add a new ending, further develop the plot or characters, etc. Include an "old” copy and the "new” or changed copy in your final portfolio.


Advanced All above requirements are met and project is neat, organized, and shows that author produces high-quality work.
Proficient All above requirements are met and project is organized, and shows quality work.
Meets Standard All but one of the requirements above are met and project, but may not reflect the author's best work. Project could be more organized.
Below Standard Project is missing more than one of the required elements listed above. Project is unorganized, and does not reflect a high-quality standard of work.
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