Step 5 – Plugins

A well-developed theme will often fill the majority of your layout needs for your web portfolio, however, there will come a time when there is something you want to do that your theme doesn't cover. This is where plugins come in. Plugins can offer you additional features and tools that your theme cannot. Plugins can extend WordPress to fit almost any of your webpage needs. If you are looking for a specific plugin, is a great place to start. Here are just a few features plugins can add to your website:

  • Add a photo gallery to organize photos
  • Add a lightbox to display images and videos
  • Add an image slider to your website
  • Extend the features of pages, posts, widgets, and the media library
  • Pull feeds from other sites and social networks
  • Add a comment system like Disqus or LiveFyre
  • Fine tune content to boost SEO
  • And much, much more

Each plugin will function differently, so be sure to check the the plugin documentation for how it works.

WordPress Plugin Reviews

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